What was to become a small connemara stud in Western Zealand started in the winter of 2003, when Lisbeth bought the filly Rydholms Dee Cha. In the subsequent years we had a mixture of many types of horses. Then - in 2006 - we refocused our efforts to be based on the irish pony. The number of ponies grew, the stable we build ourselves was soon outgrown, having been expanded several times. The better part of our 10 acres was now used for the ponies.

During the summer of 2007 we travelled the Kingdom to visit suitables stallions for our mares. Having had that experience, we had to realise that not all of our mares were keen to be "mated" away from home.
In the spring of 2008 we took a leap of faith and became stallion owners; we bought the Class 1 stallion Glencarrig Fionn in Ireland. Do a thing like that, and you are in for challenges in Denmark - especially since the board of the danish Connemara Pony Society doesn't give a d... about the irish rules!
In the autumn of 2009, we were offered to buy Kingstown Boy; a very special "old type" irish stallion, ranking among the best stallions in Ireland.

Right now (early months of 2011) we have 8 ponies: 2 stallions, 4 mares and two younsters. You can find data and photos in the various parts of this web site. 

If you want to know more - also about our stallions and how to use them - you are most welcome to give us a call, send us a mail ("Contact") or send us a message using our private mail: nils.munck@gmail.com

Winter impressions from Mørkhøj
Winter impressions from Mørkhøj
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Mørkhøj Connemara   ·   Krøjerupvej 22   ·   4180 Sorø   ·   Tlf. 53 57 32 74 eller 60 32 03 20
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