Rydholms Dee Cha

Dee Cha was our first connemara pony. She arrived in the winter of 2003/2004. Dee Cha is a large, very true-to-type mare. She has a very nice temper and she is easy to handle - if you remember that she is the most important among the mares :-)
Dee Cha was also to have a strong influence on the development of our small stud: when it didn't fit the lady to be "mated" with a stallion far away from home, we started to look for a stallion of our own.

The subsequent year (2008) Glencarrig Fionn arrived; Dee Cha was covered and in foal to him 3 weeks later...

We took Dee Cha to the inspections as a 3 year old in 2006. It was our first experience with the inpections, and we were rather overwhelmed to bring back a 1.Class mare with a lot of flathering words about her quality.

Dee Cha was born May 13th, 2003. She was born brown and has turned grey.
Dee Cha stands 14,2 (148 cm).


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Dee Cha at the inspections
Dee Cha at the inspections
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