Mørkhøjs Minnie M

Dame: AC-Betti Woman af Engvang (Class1 mare)
Sire: Lærkens Catch Me

Minnie is the first foal to be born at our place. She was born on a day late June 2008 - a little before expected. Everything was made ready for a birth in the stable, but Betti decided otherwise. One sunny Sunday morning Minnie was walking about with Betti between all the other mares outside. It happened without any problems at all. Minnie was a small foal, which was to be expected, since her parents are both small. We gave her a suitable name.

Minnie was sold and left May 13th, 2010: We need to make space for the foals we breed with our own stallions.
Minnie on the day of departure
Minnie on the day of departure
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