Mørkhøjs Eowyn FOR SALE

Dame: Rydholms Dee Cha
Sire: Glencarrig Fionn

Eowyn is the name of the queen of the horse nation in "Lord of the Rings". Eowyn is our first foal after Glencarrig Fionn and Rydhoms Dee Cha - and a special one! She was born in the first hour of May 10th, 2009, during the 5 minutes Nils spend fetching Lisbeth and getting back to the stable.

Eowyn is a little lady with rapid movements and a preference for using all her jumping muscles as often as possible: Only a few months old she had a quick look out the stable window, took one, very determined step backwards - and jumped the window!
Outside she just stood, completely in control, looking: "Did you get that, friends?"

2012: Time has shown that our first observations - a foal jumping out the window, etc. - was a signal:
Eowyn has the potential for a very good riding pony. She has a perfect temper and a nice muscular set up.
This late Summer she will be broken, and she is for Sale.  

Eowyn 9 months old
Eowyn 9 months old
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